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SKIOLD Dry Feeding System

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Product introduction

SKIOLD has a wide range of dry feeding equipment customized for the individual farm section. We cover all areas from minor manually controlled systems to large computer controlled systems, which can handle individual mixtures for each sty.
SKIOLD MiniPork drive unit is a small solid drive unit with a capacity of up to 850 kg/h. It is a compact 0.75 kW system with self-emptying cabinets to minimize feed remnants. SKIOLD MiniPork has a unique design and can be installed on the floor or mounted on a wall or ceiling. The equal placement of intlet and outlet of the SKIOLD MiniPork enables a horisontal installation of the feed pipe. The pulling of the drive unit is reversible and simplifies the installation.

The drive unit is equipped with an integrated console, which prevents cable breakage in case of overloading by foreign bodies. Furthermore, the drive unit is equipped with a switch, which automatically stops the system if the cable gets too loose. An outside indicator shows when the cable needs tightening and when a cable shortening is necessary.

Product Spec

SKIOLD MiniPork drive unit for dry feeding in pig farms

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