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SKIOLD Penning for weaners and finishers

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SKIOLD has developed a new state-of-the-art modular penning system for weaners and finishers, SKIOLD PN600/700. Hygiene is one of the key elements, and the unique and innovative design of the ellipse-shaped grid and the very few parts, limit bacterial growth and makes it the easiest system to clean thus ensuring better health for the pigs and an easier workday in the stable.
The materials and shape of the grid are unique and stands out from other solutions on the market. The material is a new type of extra strong composite with long durability and the ellipse shape has never been seen before. The design is made without any sharp edges to ensure minimal injuries.
Designed to optimize the climate in tunnel ventilation farms.
• High strength
• No corrosion
• No sharp edges
• Easy mounting
• Optimizes climate and hygiene
The innovative materials and shape of the grid also give the advantage of being shortened without the risk of corrosion or strength. The material is very light and thereby makes it easy and fast to handle, even for one person. Few fasteners are used to make installation fast - even for people without experience. The ellipse shape also stands out when it comes to airflow. It increases the airflow and gives less turbulence than round bars, thus lowering the heat stress level and gives optimum growth conditions for the pigs.
SKIOLD PN600/700 is available in two standard designs: Closed and open sides. The system is module based.

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SKIOLD PN600/700 Penning for weaners and finishers

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