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Surface jet aerators

Product Model:JM-010

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The JM is mounted at an adjustable angle in the water with the motor portion and air intake above the surface, and the propeller portion below the surface. The motor rotates, turning the hollow shaft which turns the propeller. This pushes water at a high velocity through and near the propeller blades, creating a partial vacuum at the end of the shaft. Atmospheric air above the waterline is drawn in through the air intake port and into the hollow shaft. Turbulence and flow created by the propeller breaks up the air bubbles, mixes the basin and disperses oxygen. The horizontal water movement maximizes bubble hang time maximizing oxygen transfer. --Product Detail------------------------------------------------------------- ↬ English Product Website: --Contact Sun Mines-------------------------------------------------- ↬ Sun Mines Electrics Co., Ltd. ↬ Tel: +886-2-2662-9292 ↬ Fax: +886-2-2662-7575 ↬ E-mail: [email protected] ↬ Website: https:

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1 Hp with U floater

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