Country/Region: Malaysia
Booth No.: 120/K
Business Nature: Manufacturer


Product Model:4

Product introduction  (Youtube)

The SANOVO Wave Technology System is a patented technology that significantly extends your liquid egg product's shelf life with its innovative heat treatment method. Wave is available in capacities between 1.000 - 10.000 liters/hour and works with every SANOVO Pasteurizer. SANOVO WAVE Technology works with pulsed ohmic heating to increase shelf life without denaturation of the product. This method is based on three key principles: speed, precision, and uniformity. The high temperature applied requires a short holding time of the product, so speed is decisive. The temperature is close to the denaturation limit, so we need high precision. Lastly, both heating and holding time are short, so the product must be uniformly heated.

WAVE performs with industry-leading electrical efficiency and allows liquid egg producers to sell safe, highly competitive products of consistent quality to a larger customer base. It is the optimal choice for producers aiming for a longer product shelf life, but also for all producers who seek to achieve top-quality products or for niche market solutions (e.g. small pastry industry, special salty egg yolk, energetic drinks).

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Wave (1,000-10,000 liters/hour)

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Egg grading, washing,packaging