Mr. Robert Hoo

Mr. Robert Hoo

WD AgriTek Co., Ltd.

Robert Hoo, who established WD Agritek Company will be a new power to lead the transformation of Taiwan's livestock industry.
There are 7 offices in Taiwan, and we expect to introduce advanced technology and management experience by working with local talents. We deeply hope that establish a modern demostration farm to train professional livestock talents, and research the suitable technology for Taiwan's climate and the integration of big data analysis. Our vision is leading the livestock industry towards automatic production and intelligent management, and giving this industry a brand-new look.

【WD AgriTek Co., Ltd.】
WD Agritek Company was founded in 2018, as a number of international livestock companies' strategic partners in Taiwan. We expect to promote the livestock intelligentization and sustainable operation. our main business includes introduces foreign pig house equipment, also assist on-site installation and maintenance, and provide deodorization/disinfection programs.


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