Ms. Luo, Ling-Ling

Ms. Luo, Ling-Ling

Department of Animal Science,Chinese Culture University

Luo, Ling-Ling, Chair of the Department of Animal Science,Chinese Culture University, specializes in animal breeding, livestock production management and livestock management, and has long been committed to the implementation of "animal welfare". She issued "Animal Welfare Secrets for Pig Farmers" to promote the importance of friendly breeding systems to the environment in which pigs grow.

【Invited by Taiwan Sugar Corp】
After nearly 70 years, Taiwan Sugar Corp. pig farming industry in line with government policies to regulate and stabilize the market. From feed and pig production to meat production of consistent operations. Production in line with the production and marketing resume specifications and CAS certification of pork, to provide the best source of safe meat. Uphold the health of pigs, consumers on health, the environment

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