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The development of smart aquaculture-Photovoltaic technology in Taiwan

 In 2014, the world fish supply reached 16.2 million tonnes。Experts all agree that aquaculture will contribute significantly in the future to food security and adequate nutrition for a global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Most countries in Southeast Asia, they are experiencing strong economic and population growth. Its energy demand is currently increasing by ten percent each year and the competition for land use is growing as a result. 
More and more attention is being paid to energy. We have proposed to reduce fuel energy by apply renewable green energy sources such as solar and wind power. In this project, we also want to demonstrate that dual land use for aquaculture and photovoltaics can solve these systemic problems. To enhance and improve aquaculture production by IOT technologies that pulls data from various sensors and satellites, the massive data recovered from such sensors is put to use to make aquaculture operations more efficient and eco-friendlier using cloud-based analytic software tools. In this smart Aqua-PV project, we employ AIOT technology and biotechnology strategies to revolutionise aquaculture.

Session B1-04
Language Chinese
Time2020-11-05 14:30:00
2020-11-05 15:30:00
Location Meeting Room B
Speaker Dr. Jenn-kan, Lu Associate Professor
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