Ad Opportunity

Outdoor horizontal billboard (Both sides of 1F south entrance)

Qty: 2
Size: W 119 x H 185 cm
No.: 6-1、6-2
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Double-sided overhead hanging banner ( Entrance, Area J )

Qty: 3
Size: W 205 x H 240 cm
No.: 1-1、1-2、1-3
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Horizontal billboards inside the Exhibition Hall (Entrance of 1F lobby, Area J)

Qty: 1
Size: W 1380 x H 182 cm
No.: 2
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Outdoor horizontal billboards above the main entrance

Qty: 3
Size: W670 x H 90 cm
No.: 3-1、3-2、3-3
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Double-sided streetlight banners on paths circling the Exhibition Hall

Qty: 63
Size: W 60 x H 90 cm (49 pcs)/ W 60 x H 120 cm (14 pcs)
No.: 4
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Outdoor horizontal billboard (Exterior of the 1F south entrance, the three entrances from north to south)

Qty: 3
Size: W 418 x H 177 cm
No.: 5-1、5-2、5-3
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Outdoor horizontal billboard (Left-hand wall of south entrance)

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Outdoor horizontal billboard (At main entrance)

Qty: 1
Size: W 210 x H 180 cm
No.: 8
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200-inch LED display ad (Right-hand LED of reception counter)

Qty: 1 pcs (rotation per 5 seconds)
Size: W 210 x H 180 cm
No.: 9
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Pull-up banner

Qty: 6
Size: W 90 x H 200 cm
No.: 10-1、10-2、10-3、10-4、10-5、10-5
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Logo displayed on badge lanyard (Single-colour printing)

Qty: 10,000 PCS
Size: W 1.5 x L 88 cm
No.: 11
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Logo displayed on badge

Qty: 12,000 PCS
Size: W 6 x H 1.2 cm
No.: 12
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Paddle hand fan

Qty: 1,000 PCS (single side)
Size: W 24.5 x H 21.8 cm
No.: 13
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Bottle Water Advertisement

Qty: 480 bottles (280ml)
Size: W 13.3 x H 4.3 cm
No.: 14
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Visitor guide

Qty: 1 page (back cover)
Size: W 15 x H 21 cm
No.: 15-1

Qty: 6 (ROP)
Size: Please contact us for the details.
No.: 15-2
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