Country/Region: Malaysia
Booth No.: 120/K
Business Nature: Manufacturer

OptiBreaker Compact

Product Model:5

Product introduction  (Youtube)

Egg breaking solution for small and medium scale liquid egg productions. Leading technology for whole egg production, designed and constructed based on world-class egg breaking principles. The SANOVO OptiBreaker Compact series is the perfect equipment for small- and medium-sized egg producers to break eggs for whole egg production. Designed and constructed based on world-class egg breaking principles and technology. The OptiBreaker Compact series is available in a wide range of capacities from 21,600 to 135,000 eggs per hour.

Product Spec

OptiBreaker Compact 2 (21,600 eggs/hour)
OptiBreaker Compact 6 (66,600 eggs/hour)
OptiBreaker Compact 8 (90,000 eggs/hour)
OptiBreaker Compact 12 (135,000 eggs/hour)

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Egg grading, washing,packaging