Country/Region: Malaysia
Booth No.: 120/K
Business Nature: Manufacturer

GraderPro 75-220

Product Model:3

Product introduction  (Youtube)

The GraderPro 75-220 line is developed for the small and medium-size grader market where single egg traceability is required to meet highest food safety standards. With capacities from 27,000 to 79,200 eggs per hour, the GraderPro offers 100% traceability through the entire machine to track and gather data of every single egg. The GraderPro is designed with low track speed as well as easy maintenance and cleaning so you can focus on getting your eggs safely into the market.

Product Spec

GraderPro 75 (27,000 eggs/hour)
GraderPro 110 (39,600 eggs/hour)
GraderPro 150 (54,000 eggs/hour)
GraderPro 220 (79,200 eggs/hour)

Product catalog


Egg grading, washing,packaging