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Product introduction

ESS stands for Enzyme Secretion Stimulator for ruminants
ESS is invented by National Institute of Animal Science and SOLTON Biochem Inc. (Patent No. 2003-0015051)
Feeds in a rumen are not digested fully because approximately 70% of microbial enzymes in the rumen are not available for their digestive activities. ESS helps intercellular and cell-bound enzymes to be released thus to engage in feed digestion.

Product Spec

*Mode of Action*
1. Increase Cell Wall Permeability → Increase Extra Enzymes
ESS increases cell wall permeability in a rumen. There are enzymes which are not capable of their degradable function because they are inside the cell wall. ESS makes these intercellular enzymes out for degradation function.

2. Improve Cell Surface Activity → Release Cell Bound Enzymes
A lot of enzymes are attached on the outer wall of rumen microbes. ESS has both of hydrophilic-end and hydrophobic-end. These polar ends react with the cell wall of microbes, resulting in regaining their degradation activities.

Enhancing digestion of feed and the energy utilization by increasing available enzymes.
For the ruminant, this translates into a productivity like and increasing milk yield and reducing metabolic disease.

Min. 0.05% in compound feed (min. 500g per ton of feed)

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