Country/Region: South Korea
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Choline Chloride 50% Silica Base

Product Model:3

Product introduction

Produced by spraying liquid choline chloride on synthetic silica, thoroughly mixing, and drying

Product Spec

1. Builds & maintains cell structure and function
2. Functions as a methyl donor
3. Plays a role in neurotransmitter synthesis(acetylcholine) and lipid transportation(lipoproteins)
4. Improves digestibility of non-starch polysaccaride and growing performance

Assay : A minimum of 50% choline chloride. Each kilogram contains 500 grams of choline chloride equivalent to 434 grams of choline.
TMA : Less than 300ppm
Color : White
Odor : Slight typical choline chloride odor
Texture : Fine, 80 ~ 100% passes a 80 mesh screen
Moisture : Not more than 15%
Packing : 25kg kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner
Storage : The material is hydroscopic. The bag should be kept closed when not in use.

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