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Air Disinfection

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Air disinfection for rooms with humans and animals is specially designed to keep air free of harmful bacteria. It is particularly suitable for avoiding of infection risk during the transition from dirty to clean zone.
The unit's design allows easy access to bulb replacement and other maintenance. The lamps are designed for a lifetime of 10.000 hours.
The UV system is characterized by very high disinfection abilities with compact and energy saving construciton. This system is made of a stainless steel frame with a built-in fan and UV light that is completely protected from the surroundings. The built-in fan ensures active circulation of air, so that it works optimally even in rooms with poor ventilation.

Product Spec

Frame dimension length: 700 mm
Frame dimension width: 130 mm
Frame dimension height: 130 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Disinfection level at 80% approx.: 100 m³ room capacity
Disinfection level at 88% approx.: 45 m³ room capacity
Treatment capacity: 24 m³/t
Bulb lifetime: 10.000 hours
Electrical connection: 110-240v 50/60Hz
Power and fuse: 48W & 10A
Maximum temperature: 40°C
Frame protection type: IP 54

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